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Hate attacks condemned


Councillor Charlie Tosh

Councillor Charlie Tosh

Councillor Charlie Tosh

The Dundonald home of a foreign national has been targeted twice during the past two months in hate-style attacks.

Condemned by two local councillors, the home in Torrins Way was first targeted before Christmas, with the latest attack taking place last Saturday, January 16.

Castlereagh East councillor Charlie Tosh said he was “very disappointed” by the two attacks.

Two weeks before Christmas on December 11, racist graffiti was painted on the wall of the home.

More recently, windows of the property were smashed on Saturday night, at around 11.30pm.

Mr Tosh added: “I am very disappointed in these attacks, I think hate crime is a disgrace.

“The people of Dundonald are all decent people and it is troubling to hear of this happening in the area.

“This should not be happening in 2010.

“Everyone, no matter what their class, colour or creed, deserves and is entitled to the respect of others.

“There is no place in Northern Ireland for hate crime.”

Councillor Tommy Jeffers added: “I deplore this kind of activity.

“Attacks of this kind on any member of the ethnic community is disgraceful.”

The PSNI has called for public tolerance “in what is rapidly becoming a multi-cultural society”.

A spokesperson added: “Hate crime can take many forms and often includes verbal or physical abuse, graffiti or prank calls.

“The small minority of people who are behind these incidents have nothing to offer their communities and we as a police service are committed to stamping out this type of crime.”

If you are aware of hate crime in your area contact the police on 0845 600 8000.

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