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Haunting images of Derrylin horror blaze destruction that killed family

Child's toys lie at scene where four people killed

Derrylin House Fire - Toys in living room - Three generations of the same family-including a baby and two teenagers were killed when the blaze engulfed their Derrylin home on February 27.
Derrylin House Fire - Toys in living room - Three generations of the same family-including a baby and two teenagers were killed when the blaze engulfed their Derrylin home on February 27.
Victoria Leonard

By Victoria Leonard

A LITTLE toy doll lies among the devastation as the first pictures emerged from inside the fire-damaged Derrylin bungalow in which four people lost their lives.

The pictures show the charred shell of the former family home, which was gutted in a horrific fire on February 27.

The heartbreaking images taken at the scene yesterday show the paraphernalia of family life dotted throughout the soot-damaged remains.

A child's doll can be seen lying forlornly covered in ashes. The fire has turned its once golden hair to dull grey.

Elsewhere, the decapitated torsos of other dolls lie discarded, their clothes burned off by the heat of the blaze.

The living room furniture has been reduced to dust, and terracotta tiles litter the floor.

In one corner, beside the fireplace, a basket of books speaks of hopes for the future.

A stack of children's books includes a 'Learn with words' guide, perhaps used by teenage mum Sabrina Gosset to coax her little daughter to speak.

In the kitchen, the only splash of colour is a pair of orange oven gloves featuring a green and blue cartoon cat, lying incongruously among the blackened debris.

Seen from the outside, the roof of the house has vanished, replaced by a gaping hole which exposes the inside to the winter sky.

It is hard to imagine that this was a bustling family home just over a fortnight ago.

Three generations of the same family are understood to have been killed in the early morning blaze on the rural Molly Road.

While the police have yet to release the names of those who passed away, a relative last week told the Belfast Telegraph that the four people who died were Roman Gosset (16), his sister Sabrina (19), their mother Denise 'Dee' Gosset, and Sabrina's toddler daughter Morgana (1). It is understood the family used several names, including the surname Quinn. They also spelled their surname Gosset.

It is believed that they were originally from Doncaster in England, and had lived in Tralee in Co Kerry for about three years before moving to Derrylin around 18 months ago.

Surveying the damage from the front of the property, landlord Tommy Fee, who was among a group of neighbours who had attempted to save those inside the house from the fire by breaking down a door and window with a sledgehammer, described the scene as "an awful mess". He said: "It's heartbreaking to see the child's books and dolls.

"All their possessions are lying outside, it's an awful mess.

"They were put outside by forensics, and I'm not sure if we will be allowed to move them.

"Everything is destroyed, the walls and floors. There's no timber left, it's all off the roof."

Last week, a relative of those who died told this newspaper that the late Denise Gosset was a "wonderful mother" who "loved her children".

She said that she had last been in touch with Denise and her daughter Sabrina at Christmas, but that the Derrylin residents had then "suddenly gone quiet".

She revealed that she had only learned of their deaths after being contacted by the Belfast Telegraph.

Daniel Sebastian Allen (27), whose address was given as Molly Road in Derrylin, has been charged with the four murders, criminal damage and arson with intent to endanger life.

He appeared at Enniskillen Magistrates Court on March 5, and was remanded in custody to appear again on March 26.

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