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Have-a-go-hero 'sits' on burglar

A mother of two has stopped a suspected burglar and car thief from taking her vehicle by climbing in and sitting on top of him as he tried to drive off.

The thief got more than he bargained for when the Belfast home owner found him ransacking her Malone Chase house at 6am last Saturday.

The thief had taken a television and car keys from the house and began to reverse the vehicle away. The furious woman then ran outside and thumped on the car boot.

Her father said: "She then jumped into the passenger seat and grabbed the driver by the head.

"She sat on top of him as he attempted to drive off and scratched at his eyes and caught him off guard."

The angry woman held on until the thief crashed into a parked car before jumping out and running off.

"The thief picked the wrong house on this occasion," her father added.

A friend of the woman confirmed she was shell-shocked by the burglary, but delighted her prompt action had frightened off the burglar.

Belfast Telegraph

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