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Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a breast cancer screening? Watch PR boss Cathy Martin as she undergoes a mammogram

Ladies - have you ever wondered what it's like to have a mammogram screening?

Amid the campaigns for breast cancer awareness and reminders to check your breasts and to go for screenings - it can be a daunting thought.

But PR boss Cathy Martin has urged women in Northern Ireland to embrace the #fridayfeeling and check their breasts in a video which shows her undertaking a 'one minute mammogram'.

In the video she shows step-by-step the simple process of the screening.

The Belfast FashionWeek director told the Belfast Telegraph that the inspiration came from her mother and friends that she has known going through cancer.

She said: "I'm 42 so I'm eligible. But my mum has breast cancer although it's not straight forward breast cancer, She has breast cancer cells in every bone in her body.

"She is 85 now. She has had that for a few years. She's too old to have most treatments and also it's too complicated because the cells are everywhere.

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She continued: "I also know a couple of very close friends and lots of people I know have suffered from it."

She added: "The other thing is, I do know that I have a certain amount of influence and some women do watch what I do with interest on social media.

"I knew I would have some kind of influence but to be honest, I didn't think that it would be over 5,000 views in one morning and just in a couple of hours.

"Also the guys at Action Cancer are telling me that there are great numbers of bookings coming through which isn't normal and that's good as well.

"So I've used that influence I have in a positive way."

The event director said the process was very simple and took less than two minutes to book and less than 15 minutes to complete the screening.

Big thanks to @CathyMartin for creating this fantastic breast screening video #mammograminaminute #breastcancer http://t.co/zEk5KYUzkd

— Action Cancer (@actioncancer) April 10, 2015

"It's a very simple process. Less than about two minutes to actually book and then about 15 minutes to actually go through the mammogram and then a two-week wait for the letter to come.

"I got the letter and then obviously felt confident enough to share the video, although I did say to the guys at Action Cancer I would have shared it anyway had the result not been as successful as it was."

If you are aged 40-49 or 70+ you can book your breast screening online at www.actioncancer.org

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