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Have-a-go hero in pursuit of gun gang

By Chris Kilpatrick

A van driver whose wife had just been threatened by a gunman banging on the door of their house gave chase to the car he fled in.

Around 9am yesterday a distressed woman called police to say a man with a gun had approached the rear of her house.

He banged the door and made threats to the woman, who was alone, demanding to be let in.

When he failed to get in to the property in Doagh Road, Newtownabbey, he made off in a waiting car with with two other men.

The woman’s husband arrived home as they were fleeing in a silver Astra and followed in his van.

The car stopped, a passenger got out and punched the van windscreen, smashing it.

The Astra sped off with the three men towards New Mossley.

Police arrived at the house and officers also searched for the car containing the trio.

Police yesterday arrested four males in connection with the incident. Three of them are believed to be 27 and the other 24.

They were detained after police stopped a silver Astra on the Andersonstown Road in west Belfast. The car was seized.

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