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Have-a-go hero locals save tourists from thugs

By Brett Campbell

A group of people who came to the rescue of two French tourists during an attempted mugging in west Belfast have been praised for their actions.

Several locals intervened to help the man and woman at around 1pm on Thursday close to St Peter's Cathedral after the would-be thieves tried to snatch cameras and other property.

Sinn Fein councillor Mary McConville described the incident at Albert Street as "horrifying".

"I appreciate that people felt strongly enough to stop this, I thank God that no one was hurt," she said.

"There have been a number of similar incidents.

"It's really sad that a few people can destroy the reputation of the area for everyone.

"But the behaviour of those who helped is more representative of the people here."

Police have appealed for witnesses to the incident to contact them on 101.

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