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Having kids will be a top priority ...but not just yet, says Christine Bleakley

By Maureen Coleman

Christine Bleakley has revealed that becoming a mum is more important to her than her career.

The 31-year-old Co Down presenter spoke of her desire to have children on the Daybreak TV show yesterday during a segment about fertility and the risks of leaving it too late to start a family.

The discussion was prompted by warnings from doctors that women aged 35 or over are six times more likely to have fertility problems than women aged 25 and under.

Christine, who is dating footballer Frank Lampard, said that having children was her main priority — although she did say she didn’t feel the timing was right at this stage in her life.

She said: “For me, I’m 31, I don’t have babies. And for me, having children is the biggest and most important thing I’m ever going to do in my life.

“It’s not about my career, it’s not about your job or anything else, it’s about that.”

She added that although she wanted children she wasn’t “ready to sort of have that role”.

When she was told that 31 was still quite young, she replied: “It is, well yes, but you know suddenly you’re 35 in a flash, and it’s just the timing doesn’t feel quite right, and yet I still want children.”

Christine and Frank have been together for over a year now and friends of the Chelsea star recently told the Daily Mail that the Newtownards presenter is “absolutely the girl for him”.

The couple now live together in Frank’s plush London home and it has been rumoured for some time that an engagement could be on the cards.

Frank already has two daughters with ex-fiancée Elen Rivas, who is currently dating Katie Price’s ex, Peter Andre.

Christine’s career has rocketed since she moved to London several years ago to take over from Myleene Klass as presenter of the BBC’s prime-time evening programme The One Show.

When her co-host and close friend Adrian Chiles quit the BBC she followed him to ITV’s new breakfast show Daybreak. After a rocky start last year |ratings have started to improve.

Her comments on becoming a mother come just a day after she dressed up in a huge pink dress on Daybreak, similar to one worn by a 17-year-old bride in the television show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

She struggled to walk in the massive frock, joking that her “other half” would run a mile if he caught sight of her in the outfit.

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