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'He asked to move': Account of Scottish editor breastfeeding next to Rev Ian Paisley on flight emerges online

The late Rev Ian Paisley on the stand
The late Rev Ian Paisley on the stand

A story from a Scottish editor about breast feeding her child on a flight from New York while sitting next to Rev Ian Paisley has resurfaced online, after a call-out for low-key celebrity encounters.

Mandy Rhodes, editor of Scottish current affairs magazine Holyrood Daily, was responding to a request from author John Moe who asked for for people to come forward with: "Your most boring, mundane, inconsequential celebrity encounter. Go!"

In a tweet on Sunday morning, Ms Rhodes wrote: "Breastfed my baby on a plane to New York sitting next to a most uncomfortable looking Rev Ian Paisley who asked to be moved!"

Following enquiries from curious Twitter users, Ms Rhodes pointed to an article she penned for Holyrood Daily from June 2017 in which she examined the fallout from the Conservative party's coalition with the DUP and recounted her meeting with the party's founder.

In the article Ms Rhodes said her take on the DUP is "coloured, no doubt" by the incldent.

"The Protestant evangelical minister, and then leader of the DUP, was an enormous bulk of a man whose inevitable invasion of my personal space I only endured because in breastfeeding my baby son, it must have been such an anathema to his senses, trapped as he was between his own questionable convictions and my right to use my breasts for what his god intended, that I took some twisted pleasure in the situation," she wrote.

"He asked to be moved but the plane was full so there he sat, consumed by an obvious discomfort of his own making."

In the article she goes onto reflect on the influence enjoyed by the DUP, and what it meant for the Scottish Nationalist Party.

In 2016 DUP MP Sammy Wilson came under fire after saying women breastfeeding in the House of Commons was "voyeuristic" and was not motivated by the need to feed the baby.

The DUP has been contacted for comment.

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