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He may be a Singleton, but this beefy Bobby has a horde of online admirers

By Claire Williamson

He's been dubbed the PSNI's "best-looking policeman" but it's just "another day at the office" for Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton.

Following media appearances ahead of the Tennent's Vital festival, Mr Singleton became something of a poster boy for the force - sparking an internet frenzy.

Hordes of people commented on the officer's smouldering appearance on the PSNI's official Facebook page.

But responding on his Twitter page, Mr Singleton said: "Just another day at the office lol."

He added: "My colleagues are ensuring I'm kept well grounded."

Hundreds of comments were posted on the PSNI page, including: "Well done to the PSNI for keeping the recruitment of super-hot Bobbies to a minimum!

"I feel I speak for a large percentage of the female population in NI when I say, if more police officers looked like that - I'd find a new rule to break every weekend... and three on a bank holiday."

Another read: "He can arrest me any day."

And another claimed: "That's the best-looking policeman I've ever seen".

PSNI Bangor have urged those who have become a bit hot under the collar to change their tactics for meeting the officer.

It said: "Instead of turning to a life of crime to meet Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton, which I have seen several ladies threaten, why not join the PSNI and run into him in a chance meeting in the canteen or during an arrest at custody?"

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