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'He should fall on his sword and quit now'

Colin Worton, who lost his brother in the atrocity, writes of his hurt and anger

Colin Worton
Colin Worton

The image of a Kingsmill loaf of bread sitting on top of Barry McElduff's head left me sickened.

I was first made aware of the video by my son-in-law who sent me pictures of it.

If this had happened at any other time of the year it would not be nice, but it was on the actual anniversary and my first thoughts were of disbelief, then anger.

I'm not just angry with Sinn Fein.

I'm angry with all these sincere politicians who brought Sinn Fein in from the cold.

To me they were sincerely wrong; you can't tame a wild crocodile.

Sinn Fein is an educated party, but sometimes their masks do slip and you see that the IRA has not gone away.

Barry McElduff is an educated man and he knew what he was doing.

My view of the party hasn't changed in the last 42 years.

There are watered-down unionists who are happy to believe Sinn Fein has moved on, but if you scratch the surface the old man will come back as they have not changed.

I wish they would, but they haven't.

If you go into any shop there are stacks of bread - so why did he pick Kingsmill?

Then to put it on his head, and head rhymes with dead - I think there's more to it.

He's not fit to be a member of Westminster Parliament.

He is saying there was nothing intentional about it, but he should have the intellect to know that it would cause offence.

Now he is saying he wants to meet with families but I think the only thing he regrets is the backlash on social media.

Sinn Fein are speaking with a forked tongue and his apology is only from the teeth out.

I think he should fall on his sword and I think he should go from his role as MP.

My mother is 90 years old and she says that none of her family will be meeting Barry McElduff.

My mother said she feels like digging a hole and getting into it.

This has brought a lot back to her.

No one likes to bury their child, especially in those circumstances.

The video makes a mockery of their deaths and I'll be making a complaint to the PSNI about this incident.

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