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Head of historical abuse inquiry urges Brokenshire to adopt recommendations

The chairman of Northern Ireland's historical abuse inquiry has urged James Brokenshire to implement recommendations in his report.

They include compensation, an apology to survivors and a memorial.

Sir Anthony Hart said his report was both widely supported in the previous Assembly earlier this year and the subject of an assurance from the Prime Minister that it would be acted on.

His Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry into the treatment of children in residential homes over many decades found evidence of widespread mistreatment.

Sir Anthony said: "Because of the wide welcome for, and support of the report, expressed in the previous Assembly on 23 January, and the clear undertaking by the Prime Minster to the House of Commons on 8 February that the findings of the report will be 'taken into account and acted upon' I feel justified in urging you to put in hand the necessary steps to implement the recommendations of the Inquiry in full as a matter of urgency and without delay."

The inquiry has officially come to an end and Sir Anthony wrote to the Northern Ireland Secretary in the absence of a first or deputy first minister to notify him.


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