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Healthcare firm unveils new £1.5m cutting edge CT scanner

By John Mulgrew

A private healthcare firm in Belfast has invested £1.5m in a new CT scanner - the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland.

The Ulster Independent Clinic is now only the second place in Europe to install the top-end Philips IQon Spectral CT.

It says the new device provides higher quality images and more detailed information within a shorter time frame. And patients are exposed to around 50% to 70% less radiation.

Consultant radiologist Dr Peter Ball, said: "This advanced technology is effectively redefining how we scan patients and the subsequent course of treatment. It will enable us to deliver significant benefits for patients.

"We can now provide faster, safer diagnostic screening which gives us a clear breakdown of the scanned tissue, thereby facilitating faster and more accurate treatment. For example, in a case where a patient has renal stones, the IQon scanner will illustrate what type of stones we are dealing with, enabling prompt, confident diagnoses and improved clinical outcomes.

And chairman of the Ulster Independent Clinic, Dr Kieran Fitzpatrick, said:

"As the leading private healthcare provider in Northern Ireland, we are committed to investing in the most advanced technology available, and the IQon scanner is set to transform our diagnostic capabilities.

"As only the second hospital to offer the technology in Europe, we are excited to be part of something which is truly world-leading.

"We are currently taking part in a collaborative network with the other IQon users worldwide, sharing vital information which will enable us to maximise the full potential of the technology and further benefit our patients."

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