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Healthy turnout for cooking and fitness guru Joe Wick's Belfast visit

By Cate McCurry

From unknown personal trainer to internet sensation - Joe Wicks is shaking up the fitness world one cook book at a time.

At just 30 years old, the heartthrob Londoner has been named one of the most influential people in Britain for his quirky 15-second fitness videos on social media.

His new book - Lean In 15 - raced to the top of the charts and is now the fastest selling debut cook book of all time.

He has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers including a number of high-profile celebrities like footballer John Terry and singers Ellie Goulding and Olly Murs.

The Englishman has been dubbed the hottest thing on social media since launching his exercise plan on Twitter and Instagram less than two years ago.

The fitness trainer was in Belfast yesterday for a book signing where hordes of eager fans lined up to meet him.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the muscle-man, who has 100,000 people signed up to his 90 Day SSS (shape, shift and sustain) plan, said: "In 2013 I set up a Twitter account and started posting pictures and motivational tweets and getting people excited about training.

"Then in January 2014 I posted 15-second videos called Lean In 15 and built up a following.

"Then people started asking me all this stuff about doing diets but not getting results - so I created an online plan.

"That's become my business and now, two years later, I've got 50 staff and gone from a boot camp to a 5,000sq foot office."

The book, which contains more than 100 recipes which can be prepared in 15 minutes or less, details all his nutrition and exercise advice.

It sold more than 300,000 copies in four weeks and is well on its way to selling over one million.

"That's the power of social media," he added. "I never imagined there to be such a buzz about it. People are saying how the book has changed their lives and it's helping them eat better. Husbands who never cooked before are now using it every day."

Joe, who is known as The Body Coach, used his social media accounts to get people hooked on fast, healthy food.

He says his recipes are quick and affordable and the ingredients can be purchased in local supermarkets. He admits he's not the best cook but says it's about encouraging people to cook in a simple, healthy way.

"I don't list the calories in my book because everyone is different. I always want the reader to read the instructions and understand that if they don't have enough energy they should eat a bit more, or if they are overeating then reduce the portions," he added. "It's all about sustainability. You don't have to live on calorie counting because you can have up and down days.

"Anyone can use this book no matter who you are. You could be a really busy mum or be busy working. People on my plan are eating more and getting more energy. It's only when you make people think differently and change their approach that you will get results. I say to them: 'Do a 25-minute exercise on this day, increase you calories and watch what happens to your body'."

The Lean In 15 book is available to buy in Eason.

1: Prepare like a boss - on a Sunday cook some meals so you can set yourself up for a few days in advance.

2: Do HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio for 20 minutes four or fives times a week, which can be running, skipping, mountain climbing or burpees.

3: Drink more water. A hydrated body is more efficient at burning fat. It's great for your hair, body, nails and skin.

4: Don't be frightened to eat healthy fats. Cook in butter and coconut oils and eat salmon and snack on nuts.

5: Always refuel after training with carbohydrates, so bagels, rice (white or brown) as your body needs protein after training. Always refuel after.

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