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Heartless owners dump litter of pups in garden

But seven-week-old dogs 'dumped like unwanted rubbish' are now thriving

By Claire Williamson

Meet the 10 little dogs who are recovering after they were left abandoned in a box in south Down.

The gorgeous little spaniel puppies, who are no more than seven weeks old, were found abandoned and terrified having been left in a box in a garden.

Newry and Mourne District Council's dog warden made the discovery on Wednesday night and they were rushed to a USPCA animal rescue centre.

The USPCA said they had been "left to fend for themselves" and had required immediate treatment.

But thanks to the intervention of the animal charity, the cute pups are said to be making a great recovery and are thriving.

Colleen Dowdell from the USPCA has urged dog owners to be more responsible with their pets in order to stop incidents like this happening.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "We dread to think what could have happened if the dog warden hadn't happened upon them, because they needed treatment straight away. They were dumped like unwanted rubbish."

She continued: "We are so grateful that the dog warden acted so promptly.

"The puppies were very scared, especially when the vet was treating them. They were showing signs of neglect, that they had been through an awful ordeal.

"They didn't get the right start to life that pups require. I'm glad in this case we stepped in."

The charity posted a video on Facebook of the lively pups which shows them full of life and jumping around. It has been viewed more than 38,000 times, liked more than 1,000 times and prompted hundreds of outraged comments.

Colleen said: "Since posting the video the public are up in arms already. We wanted to raise awareness of this type of suffering. We will continue to try and put a stop to this type of action."

The USPCA offers a neutering scheme which allows people to get their dog neutered in lieu of donations which they hope will help put a stop to unwanted litters.

"We are still investigating this particular case. But it's the animals, the voiceless and defenceless that are suffering.

"There are so many cases like this all over Northern Ireland but at the USPCA we say there is no excuse for this type of irresponsible ownership."

On their Facebook page post, the USPCA called those responsible "heartless" as they said the puppies will now continue their treatment until they are ready for rehoming.

"They will now go through a quarantine period, receive the treatment they need and once they are fit and healthy will be put up for adoption in a few weeks time.

"We are not taking enquiries about rehoming them just yet," it said.

The USPCA is 100% funded by voluntary donations and depends on the support of the Northern Ireland public to operate and continue to put an end to unnecessary suffering.

Visit for more information. For rehoming enquiries contact or phone 028 3025 1000

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