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Heating comes back on for shivering pensioner John Lundy after a two-month wait


Pensioner John Lundy gets his heating back on

Pensioner John Lundy gets his heating back on

Pensioner John Lundy gets his heating back on

Work has finally begun to restore heat to the home of a north Belfast pensioner - two months after he was left in the cold.

John Lundy (71) has been shivering in his Rathcoole house since December when his gas central heating system broke.

Despite seven visits from Housing Executive staff, the problem was still not resolved until this week when fed-up John finally went to the media.

The pensioner had been forced to wear up to four layers of clothes just to stay warm, and sometimes even had to resort to switching on his electric blanket and getting into bed. His only heat came from two small blow heaters supplied by the Housing Executive.

Mr Lundy suffers from various medical complaints and has survived two heart attacks. He also suffers from diabetes and a lung condition.

Yesterday contractors arrived at his home first thing and started working to replace his heating system.

Mr Lundy's daughter Louise Cairns told the Belfast Telegraph that contractors turned up at 8.20am yesterday.

She said the new heating system was expected to be working by last night.

"My daddy is all pleased the problem is finally being fixed, but it is a terrible thing when you have to go to the media to get it fixed," she said.

"I had been making phone calls to all these different organisations, but nothing seemed to get the Housing Executive moving until we went to the media.

"I am sure my daddy isn't the only one in this situation.

"He was spending up to £15 a day on his electricity meter to power all the blow heaters. We were all chipping in to help him. But there were some days he just wasn't able to afford to use them. It was a terrible situation; we were so worried about him."

The House Executive has apologised to Mr Lundy for the delay in fixing his heating system, and conceded that the situation was "unacceptable".


Rathcoole pensioner John Lundy (71) appealed for help through the media on Monday after having to live for two of the coldest months of the year without any central heating.

His home had been ice cold, and Mr Lundy had been having to wear four layers of clothes in the house just to stay warm. His only source of heat since December were two blow heaters which cost him up to £15 a day in electricity to keep on.

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