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Heavens Above: Stunning photos by Northern Ireland photographers to go on display at Clotworthy Arts Centre in Antrim

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An exhibition of astonishing images of the skies above by Northern Ireland photographers kicks off tomorrow at the Clotworthy Arts Centre in Antrim.

The snaps by members of the Irish Astronomical Association cover a range of subject matter from the mysterious clouds of the Milky Way, through to the electric colours of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) down to the detailed capture of time-critical celestial events such as Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Some of the pictures in the exhibition have been taken with specialist equipment from exotic locations in order to capture the very best starlight possible, however many others have also been captured from ordinary locations in Northern Ireland using off the shelf photographic equipment.

Included in “Heavens Above” are category winners of the International Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition organised by the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, and also the recent winner of Amateur Astrophotography Ezine’s “Milky Way” competition.

The exhibition will run until December 3 and admission will be free to all.

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