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Hegarty killing: charges 'possible'

Soldiers involved in shooting a 15-year-old boy nearly 40 years ago could face prosecution, a solicitor for the teenager's family has said.

A fresh inquest into the death of Daniel Hegarty found he posed no risk when he was shot twice in Londonderry in July 1972.

A jury dismissed claims that warnings were shouted at Daniel and his cousin Christopher, aged 16 at the time, who was also shot but survived.

The shootings came as troops were moving in to parts of the city where the IRA was previously operating freely.

Relatives of Daniel, who was shot dead near his home, said they were pleased that the record had been set straight.

Solicitor Des Doherty said prosecutions were possible following the inquest which took place last week.

He added: "The full rigour of the law has to be applied and it is now of course a matter for the coroner."

He told the BBC the question of prosecution was one for the authorities.

Mr Doherty said: "This case was not about vengeance. It was about justice."

An earlier review found the original police investigation into the killing was "hopelessly inadequate".


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