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Help bring Kingsmill killers to justice: Donaldson

By Rebecca Black

Sinn Fein is still refusing to confirm that the Provisional IRA carried out the Kingsmill massacre of 10 Protestant workmen in 1976 - insisting that the terror group is "gone".

More than 40 years after the atrocity, the IRA has never admitted the attack.

The South Armagh Republican Action Force - regarded as a cover name for the IRA - initially claimed responsibility for the massacre.

However in 2011, after reviewing the original RUC investigation, the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) concluded that the IRA had been responsible.

Last night Sinn Fein refused to comment on the IRA's involvement in the Kingsmill massacre, instead saying that the group was gone.

A Sinn Fein spokesperson said: "Regardless of who carried out the Kingsmill attack, whether it was the IRA or not, it was wrong, unjustifiable and sectarian in nature and we condemn it.

"The IRA is gone.

"Processes for truth recovery were agreed at Stormont House and the British Government have so far refused to implement them. This is the greatest block to truth recovery."

A spokesman for the PSNI said that the last assessment of paramilitary groups took place in 2015.

It found that the Provisional IRA still existed.

The Belfast Telegraph also asked Sinn Fein whether it would be willing to approach members of the IRA with any knowledge of the Kingsmill killings to ask them to pass on any information they have to either the current inquest into the atrocity, or the PSNI.

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson (right) has called on Sinn Fein to acknowledge that the IRA was behind Kingsmill and urged the party to help sole survivor Alan Black and the families of the 10 victims get justice.

He said: "The next logical step for Sinn Fein to take in response to the immense sense of injustice and deep hurt by Alan Black and the families of the victims of Kingsmill, would be for Sinn Fein to co-operate - as they did with the Smithwick inquiry - in providing more information about the IRA's involvement in this terrible sectarian atrocity.

"It really is time for the republican movement to come clean, for Sinn Fein not only to acknowledge that the IRA were responsible for this heinous act, but to assist the families in their quest for justice."

Meanwhile, Ulster Unionist MLA Doug Beattie described Sinn Fein's response that the IRA is gone as "preposterous".

"Sinn Fein know, and indeed members of Sinn Fein have corporate knowledge of what the IRA did when they were in existence," he said. "There are Sinn Fein members who were in the IRA that had information, and there are elected members of Sinn Fein who were members of the IRA who have corporate knowledge of things that happened.

"The corporate knowledge that is available means that former members of the IRA have the ability to help with this investigation in exactly the same way as they did with the Smithwick Tribunal."

No one has ever been convicted over the Kingsmill massacre.

A second inquest into the atrocity was opened in 2016.

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