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Help put pup Eddie the greyhound puppy back on his paws


EDDIE the greyhound puppy needs your help.

Five weeks ago the eight-month-old former racing dog suffered an embolism, which left him paralysed from the neck down.

He was of no use to his trainer and was going to be put down, but now Bangor man Gary Holloway has fostered him and with veterinary advice is nursing him back to health.

Eddie was transferred from Halfway There Hounds in the Republic to Northern Ireland and over the past week he has been living at Gary's Co Down home.

There is hope Eddie will walk again following intensive rehabilitation treatment, including hydrotherapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy at Earlswood Veterinary Hospital in east Belfast.

Gary said: "When he suffered an embolism about five weeks ago he was left almost completely paralysed.

"He was able to move his head and that was it.

"Because he improved so much over a few weeks with a daily exercise and massage routine, it was decided by his rescuers to further his treatment.

"Last week he had his first session of hydrotherapy and acupuncture. He will have this weekly until he is fully recovered."

Gary already owns four other greyhounds and told the Belfast Telegraph of his upset at the raw deal they often get.

He said: "You get responsible racers, although I don't agree with greyhound racing, but there are some who will look after them when they are retired.

"Unfortunately some of them, after a dog is injured on the track, will leave them in kennels to die, abandon them or worse."

A donation fund direct to Earlswood Vets has been set up for Eddie's treatment.

"He's a real character and such a fighter," Gary said. "We have already seen a difference in him in the space of one week. We have been running a fundraising campaign to help pay for Eddie's treatment.

"We hope the public can help us get him back to health."

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