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Henry Hoovers marry in Belfast electrics shop to celebrate Irish referendum result

By Doug Bolton

There have been lots of great celebrations following the passing of the equal marriage referendum in Ireland on Saturday, but a Belfast electrics shop may have pulled off the best one.

Noel Grimley Electrics Ltd, an electrical goods shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland, posted the most hilarious congratulation message on its Facebook page after the Republic of Ireland's referendum to allow same-sex marriage was passed.

The picture shows two Henry hoovers, one green and one red, happily posing for a wedding photo on top of a couple of washing machines.

They're surrounded by balloons, congratulatory cards and flowers, as they celebrate what is doubtless the happiest day in their unpleasant, dust-snorting lives.

There were messages of congratulation from across the UK and the world on Saturday, after the vote to allow same-sex couples (but not same-sex hoovers) to be married was passed with a resounding 62 per cent 'yes' vote.

Although there is a jubilant mood in Ireland at the moment, the two Henrys would have to cross the border from Belfast if they actually wanted to get married - same sex marriage is still not allowed in Northern Ireland, and efforts to make it legal have been vetoed in the Assembly by the DUP and many Ulster Unionists.

Over 2,000 people have liked the shop's picture, with commenters calling it "great craic" and "brilliant".

Source: Independent

EQUALITY! #Yes #MarRef

Posted by Noel Grimley Electrics LTD on Saturday, 23 May 2015

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