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Her three wonderful children were proudest achievement of Kerry Lee, mourners told

Adrian Rutherford

By Adrian Rutherford

A young mother who died suddenly was a best friend and soulmate with a big heart, mourners heard yesterday.

Kerry Lee Liddy (31), from the New Lodge in north Belfast, passed away last Saturday.

She was mum to three young children.

There were emotional scenes as a funeral service took place at St Patrick's Church, Donegall Street, yesterday morning.

Addressing Kerry Lee's parents, Fr Tony McAleese said: "I am not a parent myself, but I can only imagine that for any parent this must be their nightmare, to bury a child.

"No matter what age your child is, they are always your child.

"I think every parent expects their children to bury them, not the other way around."

Kerry Lee, described as a devoted mother to Aoife, Rhia and Caodhan, was on a night out with her sister Monica before the tragedy.

Her death has been described as sudden and unexplained.

Fr McAleese recalled that when he spoke with Kerry Lee's family this week, they shared many memories of the type of person she was.

He described how she was born and raised in the New Lodge and later worked as a Saturday staff member in Blinkers cafe in the city centre.

"When I was in the house it was lovely to see the many photographs and images that people had of Kerry Lee and them together," he continued.

The priest said Kerry Lee's "first and true vocation" was to be a mother.

Daughter Rhia (pink jumper) and son Caodhan (carrying picture) with aunt Monica (red hair) and best friend Colleen McNally
Daughter Rhia (pink jumper) and son Caodhan (carrying picture) with aunt Monica (red hair) and best friend Colleen McNally

"She set about to raise her family, with the help and support of her own family, she raised three wonderful children," he added.

Addressing her children directly, Fr McAleese said they "are and will always be" her "best and proudest achievement".

He added: "Kerry Lee was described to me as 'a beautiful daughter who would leave you speechless in a good way' and who had the most wonderful emerald eyes.

"As a sister, she was more than that. She was a best friend and a soul mate, someone who had a big heart, but who could also be a nuisance - but maybe that was the joy of being the middle child.

"I was told that as a mummy, she not only was amazing and beautiful, but she also was a big hugger, who was everything to you.

"She really was a best friend."

Fr McAleese said it was a reminder of the "very precious and fragile" nature of human life.

"And life can be taken away from us in the twinkling of an eye," he told mourners.

"However, the brevity and fragility of life, also brings home to us how precious life is. For in one of the Psalms it speaks to us of how our lives are 70 years, or 80 for those who are strong.

"So, at just 31 years old, many would say that Kerry Lee didn't get a chance.

"But our lives are not measured out in the many years that we live on this Earth but rather the impact and mark that we leave.

"It is clear to see from the many people gathered here today, her beautiful family, and those who visited the house over the last few days, and the very many Mass Cards that were left in the house, that Kerry Lee did indeed have a good life.

"She has left her mark, a mark full of memoires and stories that will keep her spirit alive and with you all until we all meet together in Christ in the fullness of time."

Following the service, burial took place at Carnmoney Cemetery.

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