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Here's the turkey rescued from Christmas

By Allan Preston

If anyone is relieved to have Christmas over it's Mistletoe, a turkey taken in by a Co Down animal sanctuary.

"I'd always wanted a pet turkey," said Karen Matthews from the Almost Home Animal sanctuary in Moira.

"My husband would always say no but he gave in four years ago and we got Cranberry. So now we have a new turkey come to live with us every year."

Mistletoe was saved just in time from a farm where she was one of 170 set to be slaughtered for Christmas.

"It's a shame we could only save one," said Karen.

"We always keep the turkeys but they don't always live that long as they're intensively fed. By December they're too fat and can't walk that much."

As pets, Karen said turkeys were overlooked.

"They have the loveliest singing voice. It sounds funny but they have individual personalities and are so full of love," she said.

"They'll walk about and talk to you too."

She said her eyes were opened after taking part in chicken battery farm rescues where a number of birds were released.

"It's hard, but I also understand that people eat meat. If it has to be done though, the animals should be looked after properly."

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