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Hero dog saves Northern Ireland boy trapped in tumble dryer


Riley suffered burns in the incident. Picture: U105

Riley suffered burns in the incident. Picture: U105

Riley suffered burns in the incident. Picture: U105

A father has told of his son's lucky escape after he became trapped in the tumble dryer which turned on after he closed the door.

Five-year-old Riley Duffy, from Co Down, became trapped on Sunday afternoon and his family fear what would have happened if their dog had not alerted them to something being wrong.

Dad Aaron was on his way home with their other children and his mother for Sunday lunch.

The child's mum was upstairs but ran to her son's aid when their cockapoo Teddy alerted her to the little boy's anguish.

Aaron told Frank Mitchell's U105 show that Riley, who was born with Down Syndrome, often likes to take himself off and do his own thing.

"You have to keep an eye on him.

"It's not unusual for him to do it, but the tumble dryer when you close the door it automatically goes, there is no start button from the outside."

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The family have shared their story to make others aware of the dangers and to keep their children away from the machines.

"The paramedic said that usually children would suffocate and die."

The little boy is currently being treated in the Ulster Hospital after suffering burns to his arms, head and back.


Riley and his family.

Riley and his family.

Riley and his family.

Aaron said: "My wife pulled him out and started putting cold water on top of him. I was through the door within minutes stripped him and put him in the cold shower. The ambulance were called and were here within minutes.

"We arrive at the Ulster and were greeted by several members of staff."

This is the second time Teddy the dog has come to the rescue of the family as he previously made them aware an iPhone charger was catching on fire.

"It was only for the dog reacting yesterday that we knew something was up."

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service have said that the youngster is "back to his old self" and they are hoping to get him a visit to the station next week.

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