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Hero Northern Ireland man dragged wife from hit-and-run horror wreckage in Derry

By Donna Deeney

A woman left with a broken back and legs in a hit-and-run involving so-called joyriders has described her husband of 40 years as a hero after he pulled her from the wreckage of their car in the aftermath.

Ann McNulty (59) and her spouse Joseph (64) were driving along the Hollyhall Road in Londonderry last week when their vehicle was hit head-on.

Three passengers in the other car fled the scene. A third car carrying a young family including a pregnant woman and a toddler was also caught up in the crash.

The side of the vehicle Mrs McNulty was on bore the brunt of the impact. She realised immediately she was badly injured.

While Joseph, who has a heart condition, dragged her to safety, the three joyriders made good their escape.

Mrs McNulty has now been released from hospital and is back at home in Derry, where she is expected to make a good recovery.

However, the identity of the three young people who ran away is unknown.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mrs McNulty said: "We were coming home after doing our shopping when Joseph said: 'They are going to hit us'.

"Before I could speak a word this car drove straight into us.

"I realised immediately I was in trouble because I could feel parts of my bones shoot out and I told my husband my legs are beat.

"There was smoke coming out of our car, so Joe pulled me out across the gear stick and we both just fell on to the road.

"Joe has a serious heart condition, he gets exhausted even going to the bathroom, so I don't know where he got the strength to pull me out of the car. He is my hero.

"My back is broken and I am full of nuts and bolts, but I am just glad to be here at all because we could have been killed.

"But I am in a lot of pain and I will be off my feet for God only knows how long. I cannot understand how the three people who were in the car that hit us ran away, though.

"They must have seen my husband pull me out of the car but they didn't wait around to help.

"And they didn't care about the other family who were in the other car.

"That man has a broken leg too, and the woman was pregnant.

"But they still ran away."

Mrs McNulty is being looked after at home by her family, including daughter Jamie, who called on the three young people who fled the scene to hand themselves in to police.

She said: "This crash happened at 2.30pm, which is not a time when you expect to come across joyriders.

"These three people have shown no remorse and no guilt, but if they had a shred of decency about them they would do the right thing and go to the police.

"Even if one of them owned up.

"They might be thinking they have to go along with the other two, but they don't.

"I hope when they see the way they have left my mother they have a heart and do the right thing."

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