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Hero officer needed five staples in head after she was hit with a brick

By Rebecca Black

Shocking images have emerged of an heroic female police officer who needed staples in her head after coming under attack in a Co Antrim village.

Just 24 hours before the incident, the officer had helped rescue a woman from a fire in Crumlin.

She was responding to reports of anti-social behaviour in the picturesque Glens area on Sunday night when she and her colleagues came under attack from a group of youths.

The officer, who is a wife and mother, was struck on the head with a brick. Her wound was so severe, it required five staples.

The Police Federation last night released photographs of the extent of the officer's injuries, showing how she had been left with blood dripping on to her shoulder, soaking the white shirt of her uniform.

The female police officer was taken to hospital for treatment and released in the early hours of Monday.

The Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, published the images on Twitter, describing how the woman had been injured as she worked to protect the community.

"It's called anti-social behaviour but what that really means is five staples in head wound. Officer v lucky," the tweet read.

Police Federation chairman Mark Lindsay told the Belfast Telegraph that the police officer and her colleagues had been responding to reports of youths setting bins on fire.

"The photographs are very graphic," he said. "They really show what we are saying in our latest campaign, We Are You.

"These people are made of flesh and blood just like everyone else. They are not armour-coated."

Mr Lindsay described the Glens as a recreation area with trees and green space that is used by all the community.

"These young people were setting bins on fire and generally wrecking the area," he said. "This officer has been attacked before, but nothing as graphic as this.

"Police officers are attacked day and daily - unfortunately it is almost the norm. We only have to look back over the last few days and events in Lurgan and Derry to see other officers coming under attack."

Mr Lindsay also queried how young people could be involved in attacks on police.

"Where are their parents and who is putting them up to this sort of behaviour?" he asked.

"This is a normal person at the end of the day. She is a wife and a mother. Just the night before she had helped rescue a woman from a house fire in Crumlin."

The PSNI has appealed for witnesses to the incident in Crumlin to contact investigating officers.

The Police Federation launched a series of videos earlier this month to show the human side of policing.

Its We Are You campaign aims to show that police officers are "the same as the rest of us".

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