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Hero praised for saving burger choke man in Ballymena

A Co Antrim pensioner who started to turn blue as he choked on a burger in a supermarket car park has thanked the hero who saved his life.

Raymond Milligan had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on 65-year-old William Wallace after he began to choke in a Ballymena car park.

The humble hero came to Mr Williams’ aid after his daughter Louise screamed for help. “Dad decided he was going to eat his burger and as we were coming into the carpark at Tesco, he started coughing. I didn’t realise just how serious it was at first but then he started to turn blue and then purple and went completely still,” she told the Antrim Times.

William has little recollection of what exactly happened other than Louise parking the car and then later coming-to to find himself sitting on the ground being attended to.

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