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Heroin user admits killing teenage rapist who died from drugs overdose


A self-confessed heroin user has admitted killing a teenage rapist who died from an overdose while high on a cocktail of drink and drugs.

When David Watson (27) injected 39-year-old convicted paedophile Patrick 'Noggie' Morgan with heroin, it was just too much for his drunken system to handle, Antrim Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Richard Weir QC revealed that after being injected with heroin in the early hours of May 29, 2009, Morgan lapsed into a coma before being later rushed to the Causeway Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A post mortem showed he died from a combination of the heroin, drink, codeine and diazepam.

Morgan was a notorious figure around north Antrim after he raped a 14-year-old babysitter in 1989 when he was aged 19 and high on aerosol solvents.

Yesterday, Watson, from Caman Court in Ballycastle, was re-arraigned for manslaughter. Having pleaded guilty, Judge Desmond Marrinan directed the jury of six men and six women to convict Watson "by confession".

Judge Marrinan said it was accepted Watson's injection of Morgan "was not a hostile act" and that Morgan "was nothing but a volunteer".

It appeared his system, for whatever reason, could not cope with the added drug on this occasion. He added it was a "very sad case", adding that it bore "all the hallmarks of a tragic error".

Watson earlier admitted to possession of heroin and cannabis. He will be sentenced in June along with his co-accused William John Agnew (49), of Dunsuivnish Park in Portstewart, who also admitted possessing heroin.

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