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'He's a little man with a vast talent' - what the public thought of the concert

1. Davinia Lee, east Belfast: "I thought it was great - there was a really nice atmosphere and a lot of people were just having a few drinks and a nice time."

2. Eleanor Lee, Davinia's mum (east Belfast): "I really enjoyed it. The whole event was just fantastic. Some people had even set up an inflatable pub in their front garden."

3. Nicole Pierce, Holywood: "It was a great location, a fantastic sound, a beautiful backdrop - just a wonderful afternoon."

4. Christian Pierce, Holywood: "Hope he does it again soon."

5. Sarah Davidson, Ballyclare: "This has been a lovely event. It's been great to see everyone from the surrounding streets enjoying the show - it's been fabulous."

6. Orlagh McGlade, Hillsborough: "Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves - there's even been dancing in the street! It's been a really good day - I'm glad I came."

7. Mike Andrews, Comber: "I thought it was outstanding. Absolutely fantastic. He played a lot of the tracks I really love - and I thought that finishing with In The Garden was magnificent."

8. Chris Boreland, Ballymoney: "It was very good - an excellent concert. It was a shortish set, but well worth it. He covered some of the really good classics from his back catalogue."

9. Conal McConville, Dunmurry: "Van is a little man with a vast talent. This was an absolutely fantastic venue and a great performance. A happy birthday to Van."

10. John Gordon, Lancaster: "This event was absolutely magnificent. It's my first time visiting Belfast and this is a wonderful culmination to a fantastic weekend. I've seen Van many times around Britain, but  don't think I've ever heard him sing better than he did today. The concert was simply superb."

11. Mildred Bass, east Belfast: "Today was absolutely fabulous. It was everything that I'd been hoping for - and the rain didn't put anybody off. It was just wonderful. It's been a few years since I'd seen Van perform - and he was in great form today. He even cracked a joke or two, talked to the audience - so that was a plus. I think he must be mellowing in his old age."

12. Fred Bass, east Belfast: "It was really good - his voice was excellent, and the band and the sound were super. What more can I say?"

13. Linda Maxwell, east Belfast: "I was very disappointed that he didn't do an encore. There were a couple of songs that I would have loved to have heard that he didn't play, but I still enjoyed it."

14. Carol Shaw, east Belfast: "It was absolutely fantastic. It's great to see the area bringing back its most famous son. He's ours. I'm so glad we welcomed him home on his 70th birthday."

15. Ronnie Shaw, Knock: "It was a great show, and the setting brought back so many memories for me. I used to raid the orchards here when I was a wee lad."

16. Maurice Savage, east Belfast: "I thought the performance was excellent. But I have to say that his selection of songs today wasn't quite as good as the set he played at his Orangefield School gig. He didn't sing Cyprus Avenue. That said, it was still a superb show - and the band were brilliant."

17. Joe Miles, east Belfast: "I was impressed by the backing group - but slightly disappointed by the selection of songs. But other than that, this was a classy, professional performance - which is exactly what you'd expect."

18. Brian Hamilton, Belfast: "Great venue, great concert - absolutely super day. Went down very, very well with the audience"

19. Norman Pollock: "Brilliant. Started off very slowly, but once he got into it, it was very professional. When are you ever going to see a concert in the street? Unbelievable."

20. Hillis Phelps, Monterey, California: "I thought it was extremely well done and very intimate - even in the open air it was a very good, well-rounded blend of the old and the new. Classic Van Morrison. It was wonderful."

21. Siobhan Small, Belfast: "I'm a big Van fan, and I thought it was first class."

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