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'He's hot property and will be a wealthy man'

By Dave McAuley

Once you are world champion the phone is never off the hook. It is intense.

I remember the Press at the front door, regularly following you. It didn't bother me. It wasn't always full-on but I did find it strange at the time.

That's part and parcel of it, the 500 phone calls a day. People will be phoning you more days than not.

This is Carl Frampton's chance now to make money. His three-fight contract is coming to an end.

He could go to HBO in America, Sky TV. He has got lots of options. Now is the time to make a handful of money.

If managed well, if they do the right deal, he can become a wealthy young man.

You have to strike while the iron is hot. He is hot property and he needs to take the time to strike the right deal.

However, I think he will stay here in Northern Ireland and travel about. The world is such a small place today. He is a well grounded chap and I am delighted for him.

In boxing terms Carl has about five more years left to make money. With the guidance of Barney Eastwood I had somebody who looked after me very, very well. I was happy with what I got. I was well rewarded.

The fight itself on Saturday went as I expected it to. Carl did exactly what it says on the tin. He didn't get involved in a brawl.

I was doing a live commentary at the time. People were making a lot of noise but I think when you are in a room such as in the King's Hall or the Odyssey it is far more electric than when you are outside as the noise carries. I didn't get goosebumps.

When they raised his hands and said he was champion, it was then it felt the way it was for me in England in 1989.

It is the best feeling in the world. There is nothing to surpass it, apart from having children. Something you will never experience again.

You only really realise what it is when you lose it.

Dave McAuley, from Larne, is a former professional boxer who held the IBF world title in the Flyweight division.

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