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He's some pup... Belfast terrier Reggie is top dog

By Kate Buck

A Belfast Staffordshire bull terrier has been crowned top of the pups after winning the title of best puppy at a top dog show in Birmingham.

Reggie, the 13-month-old Staffy won against stiff competition at the East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Show.

He competed against 370 other dogs to be named the top pup of the breed in the UK.

Owner Robert Jenkins, a painter and decorator, said Reggie, whose show name is Salatady Above The Clouds, was, "a winner straight from the off".

"I reckon he'll be a champion, I'm so proud of him. He's already had eight firsts in various championships and has qualified for Crufts," he said. "He's so soppy and weighs about 18kg, so he's a big lad. It can be unusual for a red Staffordshire to do so well in shows but that colour is making a big comeback.

"Reggie's colour used to have problems with their eyes but over time they stopped breeding the dogs with the problems and they're becoming more popular.

"He's been causing quite a stir and quite a few people have already been asking about using him as a stud."

Mr Jenkins has been breeding the dogs for the last 30 years since he adopted one and fell in love with the type, and has been showing them, with assistance from his niece Holly Carson, ever since.

He and his family have had Reggie since birth as he was part of a litter born last year.

Reggie and his brother Ronnie have stayed in the family, along with their mum Ruby.

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