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He's some pup... cute Seth ready to race to new home

By Paul Higgins

Love, care and attention has turned four-month-old lurcher cross Seth from a boisterous and bold puppy into a dog who's looking for a loving home.

At the moment Seth has been living with a foster family, having been handed into a shelter as a stray. But as loving an environment as that is, it's only preparing him for his forever home.

When he was rescued by the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig, Seth was in an awful state - underfed, undernourished, underweight and unloved.

Lurchers are naturally tall and lanky, but in the case of Seth, he was little more than a bag of bones.

His "foster mum" Pam explained that when he first came to live with her family, the neglect he had suffered had made him ill-mannered with other dogs, he couldn't be left alone without howling, he was aggressive and possessive with his food, and acted like top dog around the house.

Now there's been a complete turnaround in Seth's behaviour, even if he still sometimes would like to think he's the boss.

"We've been working with Seth a lot and lately he craves the company of my two dogs and he's learned some basic commands like 'sit', 'down' and to give his paw, but he's very, very clever and picks things up so quickly," she said.

"He has even taught himself how to open some of the doors in our house!"

As a puppy he is obviously full of energy and is a boisterous character who will get bigger than he is now, but as an experienced foster carer and pet owner herself, Pam believes Seth would also need an experienced owner who will keep a close eye on him.

"Although he has learned that aggression is not acceptable, Seth is still somewhat naturally dominant," she added.

"He thinks he's top dog and head of the pack, so whoever adopts him would need to keep Seth in line.

"But he's a very intelligent dog who is very easy to work with."

There was good news yesterday for Seth's fellow foster dog Suzy (left), who has found a new owner. She had been kept in little more than a box, almost constantly pregnant. Pam said that despite the cruelty clearly suffered by Suzy, she was still a very loving and affectionate little pet. She was so timid she didn't know how to play with other dogs, but has now found her forever home.

If you would be interested in giving Seth a loving and permanent home, staff at Assisi Animal Sanctuary can be contacted on 028 9181 2622 or online at

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