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Hi-tech medical analyser unveiled


Dr Peter Fitzgerald, managing director of Randox Laboratories

Dr Peter Fitzgerald, managing director of Randox Laboratories


Dr Peter Fitzgerald, managing director of Randox Laboratories

A Northern Ireland-based company has been in the US to unveil what it hailed as the world's most advanced medical analyser.

Randox Laboratories said its groundbreaking product uses cutting-edge technology to carry out a wide range of healthcare tests.

The Evidence Evolution analyser was developed and manufactured at the company's Crumlin headquarters and was unveiled to the American Association of Clinical Chemists at a global convention in Anaheim, California.

The company said its product set a new standard in diagnostic testing and was the world's first fully automated biochip analyser to cover the full range of necessary health care tests. It allows quick and multiple testing, and outpaces its rivals by carrying out almost 3,000 tests per hour.

"We've come to Anaheim to show off our new hi-tech analyser to some of the most respected clinical chemists on the planet," said Randox managing director Dr Peter Fitzgerald.

"Evidence Evolution now brings cutting edge, innovative multiple biochip technology into the heart of daily, large-scale laboratory testing, helping to greatly improve patient diagnosis and outcomes. As a healthcare company Randox is delighted to develop technology which really will make a difference to patients throughout the world."

The company said the coupling of such advanced analyser technology with Randox biochip tests means hospital laboratories across the world will save time and money in producing a correct diagnosis that will save lives.

Dr Fitzgerald added: "It is even more satisfying to have produced this equipment in Northern Ireland where ongoing research and development and the production of our award-winning products helps sustain more than 600 jobs here and a further 200 overseas.

"None of this happens by accident as the combination of our technology, the quality of our people and the cleanliness of our manufacturing environment combine to sustain the multimillion-pound export success we enjoy and the job creation ability we continue to develop year-after-year."

The technology at the heart of the new device helps extend the life of expensive chemicals the analyser uses to perform tests on behalf of patients, with the aim of saving both time and money.