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High emotion as Omagh mourns victim

Residents and their families have been reduced to near tears after the killing of a police officer in car bomb in Omagh.

Colleen Clements, 24, laid a bunch of flowers at the entrance to the modern Highfield Estate - where 25-year-old Ronan Kerr was killed - and her father Kenny Clements, 55, fought to control his emotions as he placed a poem in tribute alongside them.

Another resident earlier described the explosion scene as one of "total horror".

Mr Clements said: "The real future lies with this next generation and people like Ronan. Those are the people that are really going to make the future here better."

The farmer added: "They (people like Ronan) made the conscious decision to build their lives here and I think that is something we should be thankful for."

Neighbour Charlie Dolan described to the Tyrone Herald newspaper the scene of the explosion on Saturday as he battled flames to get to the injured officer.

"I ran out and he was stretched out at the back of the car. It was just a scene of total horror," he said.

"There were flames coming from under the car and we got fire extinguishers to try to get them out.

"I knew he was very badly injured at that stage and there was just nothing we could do to save him.

"Police arrived within minutes with more fire extinguishers and they eventually managed to get the flames out."


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