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Hoax alert sickening

The police are continuing to investigate Sunday night’s hoax bomb alert in the Cadogan Park/Lisburn Road junction.

The suspicious object, a non-viable object made to look like a device, was discovered at around 9.20pm on August 8 and declared a hoax by Army Technical Officers shortly after midnight.

The incident was condemned by South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo who said a number of businesses had to be evacuated: “This hoax alert caused a real nuisance for those in the area and I am deeply annoyed at those involved.

“Sickening incidents like this hurt businesses when they cannot carry on their work. It's despicable that people wish to cause upset and disruption through irresponsible actions like this.

“People want to live free from fear and being subjected to incidents like this strengthens people's resolve to continue moving Northern Ireland forward to a better future,” she said.

SDLP South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt, who was at the scene, said: “This planting of this device has caused considerable disruption to people, as well as bars, restaurants and businesses who have all had to evacuate their premises at a time when they really cannot afford to do so.

“Irrespective of what way this device turned out, the fact is that those who set out to cause this havoc will be rejected by the local people here who enjoy a good relationship with local police.”

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