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Holy mackerel! Toppled lorry dumps thousands of fish in farmer's field

By Steven Alexander

This is the Biblical scene that met Northern Ireland farmer Gordon Flinn after a lorry overturned into his field, spilling tonnes of fish.

The ‘fish farm’ accident caused an overnight internet sensation this week, as this photo taken by Mr Flinn’s daughter Louise went viral.

“It was like a catastrophe, as though the fish had fallen out of the sky,” the civil servant said today.

“We really couldn’t believe it until we saw it.

“It really was like something out of the Bible.”

The 27-year-old — who doesn’t like fish — said that the family was taking it all in their stride, as a bit of fun — although it could have been a very different situation had the driver been hurt. The man was initially taken to hospital, but seems to have had a lucky escape and later returned to the scene uninjured, said Louise’s father Gordon (71).

Mr Flinn said the bulk lorry was travelling on the Comber Road towards Ardglass when it appears to have caught the verge before ploughing through a hedge and falling around 8ft into his field.

The sheep and cattle farmer said the fish were piled up to two feet deep in places.

“It was some scene!” said the Killyleagh, Co Down man.

“My wife took a call from the police, and when we went and saw the field, I found it hard to take in at first.

“It’s an accident black spot, so we’re used to hearing about crashes — but you usually don’t get fish delivered.

“It was a big surprise — there was a whole area of the field that was silver. Incredible.”

The lorry appears to have demolished around 20-30 yards of hedge, before falling through into the field.

The trailer which contained the mackerel was removed from the field last night at about 9.30pm, and the road has been re-opened since.

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