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Home of Fulton couple who face child cruelty charges sealed


The boarded up home of the Fulton family in Mosside, Co Antrim

The boarded up home of the Fulton family in Mosside, Co Antrim

The boarded up home of the Fulton family in Mosside, Co Antrim

The home of a Co Antrim couple facing cruelty charges after their child suffered a fractured skull and bleed on the brain has been boarded up.

Amanda Fulton (31) and her husband Christopher Fulton (30) face multiple charges, including child cruelty.

The authorities have now boarded up their Rockfield Gardens home in the Co Antrim village of Mosside, near Coleraine.

Metal grilles have been placed around the windows and doors.

The couple - who have been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to one of their children on November 7 and cruelty to another - are understood to be under threat from loyalist paramilitaries.

Abuse and threats have also been issued online.

Police are understood to have visited the pair in custody to warn them of the threat against their lives.

On Friday, a court heard that the couple's very young child suffered a fractured skull, a bleed on the brain, lacerated liver and broken ribs.

The child has been taken off life support, but it is thought they could have long-term brain injuries and may be permanently blind.

Another child was found to have discolouration on the back of their skull and ear.

A police officer said the couple could not explain the injuries to the children, but accepted they had not been in anyone else's care. Police also said tensions were running high in the Mosside area as a result of the case.

The couple are said to strenuously deny all the allegations against them.

An attempt by lawyers to bar the media from continuing to identify the couple on Saturday was unsuccessful, with the case adjourned until Wednesday.

Both accused have been remanded in custody and will appear by video link next month.

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