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Homelessness rises by 1,500 in year

The number of people made homeless in Northern Ireland has increased by around 1,500 in the last year.

Family breakdowns or relationship disputes were the most common reasons for people seeking help from the authorities.

The figures are contained in the Northern Ireland housing bulletin, which was published by the Department for Social Development on Thursday.

Between January and March this year, 5,759 households presented as homeless to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, the bulletin said. The total for the financial year was 20,158, compared with 18,664 the previous year.

Other findings in the bulletin include that the average selling price of National House Building Council new houses was £157,300, a decrease of £13,100 (7.7%) on the same quarter in 2010.

The average selling price of the officially registered new houses ranged from £130,400 in Belfast local government district to £196,300 in Derry local government district (provisional figures).

The bulletin also revealed that the average estimated intended selling price of private sector flats and maisonettes was £95,000, £24,000 (20.2%) lower than the quarter ending March 2010.

And it said detached houses represented 40% of all intended housing starts. The total number of starts recorded for this quarter (391) represented a decrease of 47.9% on the number of starts recorded for the same quarter in 2010.


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