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Homes throw away £532 of food every year


The average Northern Ireland household is chucking out £532.48 of waste food every year.

That's just under 6% of the food they buy every week – which is 1% under the UK average of 7%.

Meanwhile, more than half of us (55%) admit to buying too much food.

That's according to a new study released by Samsung Digital Appliances, revealing that the UK is a nation of overshoppers, whose households throw out an estimated £15bn worth of food a year.

However, Northern Ireland comes out as the least wasteful region and, together with the Scots, we are more likely to measure portion sizes before making a meal, minimising the amount of food that ends up in the bin.

The survey, supported by Love Food Hate Waste, also suggests the reason why people in Northern Ireland are less wasteful is that they are more likely to use a strict system of storing food in fridge freezers, using separate containers and sections for different kinds of food and drink and keeping their food fresher for longer.

The food that people in the UK think they throw out most often are ready meals and convenience foods, fresh meat, cooked meat, milk and fruit juices, homemade meals, cheese and yoghurt.

And the top groceries that people don't know they can freeze are eggs, wine, nuts, biscuits and cheese.

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