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Honest man who found £7,000 in cash on street and just handed it to police

By Adrian Rutherford

What would you do if you found almost £7,000 abandoned in the street?

One very honest Belfast man didn't have to think twice.

Tomas Kane-Fallon has been revealed as the mystery Good Samaritan who helped return a Chinese family's lost holiday savings.

The 28-year-old found the cash after coming across a bag outside a shop close to where he works in the city centre.

Thanks to him, the money was returned to Bin Zhou and his family, who were visiting Northern Ireland while on a European holiday.

After being tracked down by the Belfast Telegraph, Tomas said he was "over the moon" to have helped the family.

"Belfast is a good place and I'm glad I found their money and was able to show them that there are good people here," he said.

The story of the Zhou family's lost and found holiday money was featured in this newspaper last Wednesday.

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Thumbs up for the honesty of Belfast after tourist's lost £7,000 is handed in 

The family, from Pingxiang in China's Jiangxi province, arrived in Northern Ireland at the weekend.

They brought £4,100 and €3,500 (about £2,450) to pay for the holiday.

However, disaster struck on Sunday when Mr Zhou realised the bag containing all the cash was missing.

Fortunately, it was found by Tomas, who contacted police.

Thanks to his honesty, the family was reunited with the money and can enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Tomas, who works as a security officer in the Hi Park car park at High Street, explained how he came across the lost cash.

"I was standing outside at about 7.20pm and I saw a bag at Jackson's Sports, which directly faces where I work," he said. "I went over. At first I was a bit nervous because it could have been anything.

"But I picked the bag up and brought it into our control room, opened it up and saw a brown envelope.

"I realised there was loads of money in it. There was around £7,000, plus loads of spare change in the front of the bag.

"My initial thought was to find ID. I found a wallet but there was just some Chinese cards in it, so I phoned the police.

"They came within 10 minutes and were able to find the owner."

While some people may be tempted by the prospect of finding thousands of pounds lying in the street, Tomas said his only concern was to find its rightful owner.

"All I could think of was finding out who owned the bag," he said.

"I saw travel paperwork and realised it must be someone on holiday.

"I didn't realise until a few days later that it was the Chinese family.

"I'm over the moon that they've got their money back and they are able to enjoy the rest of their holiday."

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