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'Hooded Man' Gerry McKerr dies aged 71


Torture claim: Gerry McKerr

Torture claim: Gerry McKerr

Torture claim: Gerry McKerr

A prisoner detained without trial and allegedly tortured by soldiers during the Troubles in Northern Ireland has died aged 71.

Gerry McKerr, from Lurgan, Co Armagh, was among 14 so-called Hooded Men who claimed they were dangled out of helicopters and beaten in August 1971.

Amal Clooney, wife of Hollywood star George, has joined the legal team representing the men.

They have campaigned for the UK Government to launch a full, frank and fair investigation. The Irish government referred the case to the European Court of Human Rights late last year.

Patrick Corrigan, Northern Ireland programme director of Amnesty, said: "One of Gerry McKerr's greatest regrets was that the flawed judgment in the Hooded Men case was used to pave the way for the torture of other prisoners around the world. We trust that, in due course, the European Court will vindicate the efforts of Gerry and the others to take a stand against state-sanctioned torture."

The case centres on 14 Catholic men who were interned in 1971, who said they were subjected to torture methods including hooding, being held in stress positions, exposure to white noise, sleep deprivation and beatings.

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