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Horrific attack by Belfast bouncers left man unable to father children

Milk nightclub beating man wins £90,000 damages

A husband and wife left unable to have children following an attack by bouncers at a Belfast nightclub are to receive more than £90,000 in damages, the High Court has ruled.

The couple, who have not been named, sued over injuries inflicted during a night out with friends at the Milk venue in May 2005.

Security staff were said to have dragged the man outside the premises before “viciously” beating and kicking him about the head and body as he lay on the ground.

The court heard how his wife tried to intervene to protect him, but was restrained by another doorman who grabbed her by the shoulder and wrist.

She was forced into a seat and then dragged over a table by her legs before making her way outside in time to witness the assault on her husband in the street.

The couple issued writs against Anthony Roddy and Bernard Conlon trading as The Milk Bar and Club/The Milk Nite Club Bar and Life Inns Ltd.

The nightclub, based at Tomb Street in the city, closed more than three years ago.

With defendants in the case taking no further part after entering initial appearances, the couple won a High Court judgment last September.

In an assessment of damages to be awarded, High Court Master McCorry set out the psychological consequences of the attack.

The husband, identified only as C, sustained injuries resulting in him having to undergo an operation to remove one of his testes.

A prosthesis was inserted but has proved unsuccessful.

He had already undergone a vasectomy before getting married. However, he was planning to reverse the procedure prior to the attack so that he and his wife, D, could have children.

Because D is now aged 44 her chances of conception are no longer considered high enough to go through with the reversal.

Master McCorry said: “Whilst this unfortunate outcome cannot be blamed entirely upon the injury to the right testis... it is undoubtedly a significant factor in that outcome, which means that C and D will not be able to have children together.”

He acknowledged the impact of the injury on the couple's lives, noting the diagnosis of an adjustment disorder and depression.

At one stage the woman took an overdose, the court heard.

Master McCorry ruled she should be awarded £12,500, while her husband should get £80,000.

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