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Horror as family cat killed by crossbow found on the Ards Peninsula


Trigger happy thugs have killed a cat with a crossbow and then thrown its body into a field.

The gruesome discovery, in a field on the Cloughey Road, between Portaferry and Cloughey on the Ards Peninsula, was made by a landowner on Sunday.

He alerted Ards councillor Joe Boyle after finding the dead animal.

The councillor denounced the "act of brutality" as "sick, wanton behaviour".

"This cat looked like it was a pet to me, so some poor person may still be missing it," he said. "I just can't understand the mindset of someone who would do this to a poor animal for a bit of sport."

He believes that while the animal was dumped in the Ards area, he didn't think that it was killed locally, adding: "There is probably nothing can be done with reference to this case, although I would ask the public to be vigilant and in particular listen out for conversations taking place within local communities."

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