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Hospice volunteer receives parking ticket in Newry despite being on urgent business

A parking ticket. [stock image]
A parking ticket. [stock image]

A hospice volunteer was issued with a parking ticket in Newry while sending off urgent samples for assessment.

The male volunteer was in a rush to post off samples so he parked partially on a double yellow line on Railway Avenue as he ran into the Post Office, Armagh I reports.

Volunteers have a laminated sign on their dashboards to let traffic wardens know they are on urgent business.

However, when the volunteer returned to his car, he found a warden writing up a ticket.

Despite explaining the situation, the warden did not believe what the volunteer told him.

Newry SDLP councillor Michael Savage told Armagh I: "I fully appreciate that traffic wardens have a job to do and support them in doing that but there are times when common sense, discretion and compassion should be applied and this was one of them.

“I have asked the Hospice to put a verification contact number on the signs so that wardens can check that the vehicle is owned by a legitimate Hospice volunteer and avoid any further confusion.

“I would appeal to the wardens to show compassion and discretion in instances like this.

“I will be appealing this man’s ticket and trust that the Department will apply the discretion that should have been shown by the warden at the scene.”

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