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Hospital ban for alcoholic pest

A man has been banned by a judge from going anywhere near Antrim Area Hospital after staff complained he had caused trouble 12 times in the last month.

Anthony James Guiney (44), of Barra Street, Antrim, was charged with disorderly behaviour at the hospital on July 28.

A prosecution lawyer said Guiney went "consistently and persistently" to the hospital in an intoxicated state and caused distress not only to staff but also elderly and ill patients.

She said he had squared up to staff whom he verbally abused and also swore at police who were called to the hospital.

"The hospital don't want to see him again," she added. A defence lawyer said Guiney was a chronic alcoholic and accepted he had caused alarm, but he hadn't been able to get to the bottom of his client's behaviour.

Mr Justice Treacy, who described Guiney's actions as "outrageous and bizarre", granted him bail, adding: "If you go anywhere near it (the hospital), except in an emergency, you will be back in custody and you will stay there."

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