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Hospital recalls over 100 patients

More than 100 patients have been recalled amid fears of misdiagnosis at the accident and emergency unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

A locum doctor at the centre of the alert has been reported to the General Medical Council. He has also agreed not to work again until a full investigation is completed.

Senior staff at the Belfast Health Trust asked for files on 105 patients to be reviewed following the examination by a consultant of an X-ray of a fracture before the patient left A&E last week.

Other cases involving the doctor, who is believed to have been working in the department for just six weeks, were then checked.

Dr Ken Fullerton, associate medical director, said: "We have instructed him he is not to undertake any work until this is resolved and he has given us a signed undertaking."

The Trust's medical director Dr Tony Stevens confirmed that 105 letters were hand-delivered by staff to the patients being recalled.

He said: "There are no immediate concerns about their well-being. We do not believe we have a major problem here."


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