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Hot models on the pull in Belfast

By Patrice Dougan and Victoria O'Hara

As Northern Ireland basked in sunshine a group of models brought Belfast city centre to a standstill when they arrived ready to go on the pull.

But, unfortunately for all the singletons eyeing them up they were in town to pull a bus around City Hall for charity.

As a crowd gathered to watch the spectacle, workmen downed their tools and taxi drivers stopped vying for fares. Traffic moved at a snail's pace as drivers slowed down to catch a glimpse.

All eyes were on the gorgeous models as they donned matching blue t-shirts and picked up the heavy ropes.

Branding themselves Models on a Mission they were raising money for Deborah House, a young women's shelter in Ethiopia. The charity provides a home, food, safety and education for girls aged 10 to 21 living on the streets of Addis Ababa.

Each of the 30 models had raised sponsorship to take part in the stunt.

After posing for a few photographs, the bus pulled out on to Wellington Place and the girls took their positions.

Aided by four male models, who kindly took off their t-shirts for some of the female spectators, they began to pull the bus around City Hall.

It helped that the driver was behind the wheel and the engine was running, but they managed to look like they were putting a lot of effort into it, and it didn't take them long to complete the loop.

Police outriders weren't needed to stop the traffic as the girls paraded around City Hall in tight shorts and bikini bottoms.

Others grabbed buckets to collect money for the charity from passersby - who found them difficult to refuse.

Model Ashley Kerr (26), from Bangor, said she wanted to take part as it was "for a very good cause".

She added: "I was in South Africa a couple of years ago and when you come back it gives you a bit of a shock and a wake-up call, so I wanted to do something to help, especially for the women because I can empathise."

She said they hadn't trained for the feat, but had been "pretending to" during publicity photo shoots instead.

And nobody seemed to mind that the real effort was carried out by the bus driver - the money was going to charity and beautiful people were wearing very little.

And in the sun too.

For yesterday saw temperatures soar to around 23 degrees as June arrived in true summer style.

It seemed predictions of a 'flaming June' were being realised, but those hopes may be dashed as forecasters have warned the sunshine will not stay for long.

Normal temperatures are set to return today and drop to around 13 degrees tomorrow.

Andy Ratcliffe, forecaster with Meteogroup, said: "Yesterday temperatures peaked at 23 degrees with most of Northern Ireland enjoying the sun.

"But Saturday will see a significant drop to 16-17 degrees.

"There will be a rather cloudy start with a spot of drizzle experienced through the day. But it will get brighter. A moderate north east wind will be felt.

"On Sunday it will be an unsettled day with heavy rain in parts. The temperature will struggle to reach 13 degrees, so it will be a day of uncertainty."

He said next week will "certainly be a lot cooler than the last few days".

Met Office forecasters have predicted sunshine levels between June 16 and 30 to be "slightly above" average.

Meanwhile, Armagh Observatory reported the weather in May was slightly wetter, sunnier and warmer than average.

The number of hours of sunshine was 182.3, about 5% above the average for May.

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