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House of Lords dismisses complaint over Lord Kilclooney 'the Indian' Taoiseach tweet

The House of Lords standards commissioner has dismissed a complaint against former deputy leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Lord Kilclooney.

The complaint related to a tweet sent by Lord Kilclooney in which he described the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as "the Indian".

The Northern Ireland peer claimed to have used the term as shorthand as he was unable to spell Mr Varadkar's name.

He later withdrew the tweet after acknowledging it had "caused upset and misunderstanding", saying that he is "no way racist and accept that Varadkar is 100 percent Irish Citizen [sic]".

A complaint against about the tweet was made by former Northern Ireland victims' commissioner Patricia McBride.

The BBC reports a spokesperson for the Lords Commissioner of Standards said: "The commissioner considered the complaint as part of an initial assessment but dismissed it without opening a formal investigation on the basis that a member's opinion, or the way they express themselves, does not fall within the scope of the code."

Responding to the comment from Lord Kilclooney, Leo Varadkar said: "One thing I have come to understand about politics is that when people don't want to deal with you on substance and on facts they attack you personally and attack your style."

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