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Housing project reaches final stage

By Brian Lovett

The final phase of a £1.6 million project to repair homes in north Belfast is now under way.

The Housing Executive has announced the start of the fourth and final phase of the scheme in the Gainsborough area of north Belfast at a cost of £179,000.

When completed 130 private homes will have benefited from external improvements at a cost of just over £1.6m, the Housing Executive said.

Group Repair assists homeowners to improve the external structure of their properties whilst encouraging them to modernise the interior of their homes.

Ann Blease, the Housing Executive’s group repair manager said: “The scheme encourages neighbours to come together so that their homes can benefit from work at the same time. Owners contribute towards the cost of the work depending on their financial circumstances.”

The properties, which are typical Victorian terraced houses, are located in the Gainsborough Urban Renewal Area and the scheme forms part of the Housing Executive’s Development Plan for area.

The Gainsborough Urban Renewal Area was vested on March 5 2004.

It contained almost 400 properties and like most Urban Renewal Areas proposals included a mixture of retention and improvement and demolition and replacement. As part of the project many unfit properties have been demolished and 26 new social homes have already been constructed.

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