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How Danielle Boyle made a bride's dream come true with act of kindness


Danielle Boyle and her husband Brian on their wedding day

Danielle Boyle and her husband Brian on their wedding day

Danielle's dress

Danielle's dress

Danielle Boyle and her husband Brian on their wedding day

A Strabane woman's simple act of kindness has helped ensure a couple can have their dream wedding day.

Danielle Boyle donated her wedding dress to a charity shop in the hope it could be passed on free of charge to another bride.

The stunning dress was not suitable for an average bride - Danielle is just 5ft and size 8 - but it was snapped up in just two hours.

She explained how she wanted to donate the dress as a way of returning the kindness shown to her and her husband Brian when they got married last August.

Initially Danielle was going to sell the dress online and donate the money to charity. But she quickly changed her mind when fraudsters tried to cash in.

It was taken by a woman whose wedding day has had to be delayed because they are short of cash ­- her husband-to-be had also recently lost his job.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Danielle said she was over the moon her dress will help create another bride's special day.

She said: "I loved my wedding dress so much but I didn't want it going to waste.

"A lot of people keep their dresses but they never do anything with them.

"There was a lot of kindness shown to me when I was getting married and I wanted to return that kindness so I decided to sell it online and give the money to charity.

"That didn't work out very well at all because when I put it on a lot of people tried to defraud me out of money. It was shocking so that's when we decided to give it to a charity shop.

"I live in Belfast now and the dress was in my mother's house in Strabane so my sister contacted the Kindness of Strangers charity and explained to them that we wanted to donate the dress to someone who deserved it."

Danielle was keen that her act of kindness would bring joy to another bride.

She continued: "When I bought the dress it was a lot longer and bigger than I am, but I had an incredible dressmaker who made the dress fit me perfectly.

"She could have charged me thousands of pounds because of all the work she had to do but she didn't and I appreciated that so much.

"She also came to my rescue two days before the wedding when it was clear that the veil I was going to wear didn't match the dress at all.

"She conjured up a veil that was perfect. So many people did such kind things for Brian and I when we were getting married.

"I thought it was important to return that kindness and I am delighted it has turned out that way, thanks to the Kindness of Strangers charity shop in Strabane."

The Kindness of Strangers shops, which raise money for Kinship Care Northern Ireland, posted photographs of Danielle's dress explaining that it would only fit a bride who was around 5ft tall and a size eight who was getting married within the next 12 months.

They even suggested that now was a good time for someone to hint at a proposal.

Within two hours a heartfelt message was sent to the charity from an anonymous would-be bride who explained that although she and her fiance desperately wanted to get married, they had to keep putting the date off because of their finances - which had been made worse recently because her fiance had just been made redundant.

Jacqueline Wilson from the charity, Danielle and her sister all agreed this was someone who would appreciate and love the dress.

Ms Wilson said: "Danielle's sister contacted us and sent a photograph of the dress which we put on our Facebook page along with a message explaining what Danielle wanted but that the dress wouldn't fit the average bride.

"There was a great reaction to it and so many people wrote about how beautiful the dress was and suggested a few candidates who might like to hint at a proposal.

"The lady who has the dress sent a beautiful message explaining her situation and how much she wanted to get married, but they just couldn't afford it.

"She is the same height and build that would suit the dress, and maybe now she has the dress she will be able to go ahead and get married."

Ms Wilson said running a series of Kindness of Strangers shops across Northern Ireland allows her to witness people's generosity at first hand.

She said: "We have a number of these Kindness of Strangers shops now and hope to open ones in the future and we are constantly amazed at how caring people are and at the things they donate which has included a car.

"The Strabane shop has only been opened four weeks so we were delighted to be part of this story and delighted that it turned out so well."

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