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How Holly’s pet portrait Christmas presents turned into a runaway business


Holly Greig and cat Gizmo at home

Holly Greig and cat Gizmo at home

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

One of Holly's pet portraits

One of Holly's pet portraits

One of Holly's pet portraits

One of Holly's pet portraits

One of Holly's pet portraits

One of Holly's pet portraits


Holly Greig and cat Gizmo at home

They're your pets - but not as you've ever seen them before.

Majestic Floof transforms regular photos of your beloved pets into a striking Renaissance portrait.

It all started two years ago when Holly Greig (26) from Newtownards was trying to come up with unique Christmas presents for her boyfriend and her brother.

She wanted something personalised, and as they are a big cat family, she thought she would do something based on her love for animals.

Holly said: "I'm quite good at Photoshop and just did it for them for Christmas and then my brother actually said it was a great idea and I should start up a business from it and that's how it all started."

After a lot of brainstorming, Majestic Floof was born - with the tagline: "Make your pet legendary."

Holly said: "I knew it was going to be a Renaissance style and I wanted something fun, something modern as well and something the internet would like, and Majestic Floof was what I went for."

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Holly says there is "no limit" to what she creates - and she is always up for a challenge.

She said: "People get in touch, they send me as many pictures as they like of their pet or pets and then I have a selection of five to six male and female bodies.

"Then I'll go through all their photos and see which ones match up best to the body that I have on the system.

"And then I spend about 45 minutes to an hour just manipulating the photo to blend into the painting and make it look like a Renaissance painting.

"There is no limit, we can do anything. When I first started out it was mostly cats and dogs, a few horses, bunny rabbits.

"Now I am getting requests for pigs, bearded dragons - they have been the most interesting so far."

She added: "We are up for a challenge. Normally the standard customer is one pet per image, but some people have asked: 'Can we get the dog but we also have a parrot, can we get the parrot sitting on its shoulder?'

"So we are happy to try anything and work to what you would like."

Holly also loves hearing the stories of the pets, their backgrounds and how they got their names.

"It's the best. We had a bulldog in the other day called Vivian and she was named after Pretty Woman. So all those little back-stories and things add to it."

Holly said that about three weeks ago the business went viral online and she is really enjoying the different requests she is getting.

"I honestly don't know how it happened. And within the past three weeks it's just gone a bit mental, which has been amazing and that's when we started to get all the different odd requests coming through."

And the best thing for her is seeing how happy the portraits make her customers.

"I'm such a big animal lover and that's how it all started out. And I'm just so pleased that I managed to find something that will make other people happy as well," said Holly.

Portraits cost £30 and you can contact Majestic Floof via social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching Majestic Floof.

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